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Use our launch tools to quickly realise your ideas.
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After Crowd Vetting and you have identified your best ideas, now it’s time to Launch!

Ever have the feeling that you have more ideas than time to realise them? Well now you can simultaneously launch multiple ideas using our Launch Tools. Simply turn your successfully Crowd Vetted ideas into IdeasKicker Projects and use the appropriate launch tool.

Depending on the Idea Type, which defines the target for the idea, using our Launch Tools makes it incredibly easy to get your idea realised and in front of the right audience. You can literally Brain Dump ideas after a night’s sleep, allow the working day to Crowd Vett, and then launch the best idea in the evening with just a few clicks. 

Kicking around ideas on IdeasKicker preps your best ideas for success.

Not only does Crowd Vetting let your best ideas ‘bubble to the surface’, but by the time you are ready to Launch you should already have the required Idea Catchers to help you realise your idea (good ideas attract Catchers). If not, you can search for Catchers who may be interested or if you’ve submitted a Private Commercial Idea to us, we will do it all for you.

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