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Create your own personal encrypted ideas vault and never forget an idea again..
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Ideas are wasted inside your head.

Here at IdeasKicker we call ideas which are still in your head, ‘zero level ideas’ (with a ten being realised and a success). Until you write your ideas down (braindumping), they will never be achieved. So the act of recording them is critical and we have built the tools to make it as easy as possible. IdeasKicker acts like your own private Ideas Vault, so you will never forget an idea again.

Once you have some ideas brain dumped, you can then move them to ‘Crowd Vetting‘ where your trusted Team Players kick, drop or catch your ideas. This process let’s your best ideas ‘bubble to the surface’ which then allows you to also easily and quickly launch your ideas. But more importantly, it lets you find out which ideas you shouldn’t waste any more time and effort on. This honest feedback is priceless.


Type it

While text is simple and best, we also allow you to drag content blocks into your idea which prrovide rich content capabilities such as images and video.

Speak it

To make it even easier, you can speak your Idea titles and content. Quickly braindump multiple ideas when they and then later go in and expand on them.

Sketch it

Sometimes a quick sketch is needed to illustrate your idea. Quickly sketch out your ideas, even add flowcharts if needed!

Idea Encrytion – The ultimate Ideas Vault

Did you know that all your Private Ideas are encrypted?

We treat your private ideas like your password, encrypted in our database and none of our business. You can rest assured that no one other than you can read your private ideas. Not even if we were hacked, or by a trusted insider, or even our CEO. However, it is also our CEO’s belief that we should all giveaway 99% of our ideas for free, and keep the really good 1% for ourselves and our time & money. Once you move a Private Idea to Public, we un-encrypt your idea for good as it is published on our site for the world the see (and kick, drop or catch).

After Braindumping use Crowd Vetting

Crowdvetting lets your best ideas ‘bubble to the surface’.

IdeasKicker - launch every idea - Braindump > Crowdvett > Launch

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