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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do we protect your IP?

This is the most common question we are asked: “won’t people steal my ideas?”. This has been the single biggest issue to solve for us.

Firstly, until you share your ideas on IdeasKicker, they are for your eyes only.

For all Private Team Ideas, each team member must acknowledge that they accept our Standard Idea Share Agreement before they can view your idea.

For all Public ideas, you waive all rights to ownership of the idea. You expect nothing but social kudos!

For all Market Ideas, upon submission we sign a Partial Disclosure Agreement with you which outlines who we will pitch your idea to, and outlines our standard Fee (flat 5% – nothing more).

Q. How is this different to Crowd Funding sites like KickStarter?

KickStarter is for people who want to fund their ideas and make it happen themselves. IdeasKicker allows your ideas to be picked up by Catchers who can then achieve your ideas for you while you still get paid for your idea. Or Catchers can aide you in achieving your ideas yourself. Of course, if you plan to make it happen yourself, you can start using KickStarter once your idea has been vetted on IdeasKicker, ensuring success with your KickStarter campaign.

Q. What is Crowd Vetting?

CrowdVetting allows great ideas to ‘bubble to the surface’ by exposing them to large public, or selected private, groups of people. Please see our article on CrowdVetting here.

Q. Is it Free?

Yes, and no.
It will always be free to Kick around ideas. Most users never pay. You can store an unlimited number of ideas without ever incurring any expense.
However, we do have various small annual subscription fees for Catchers or Tournament Creators to browse certain types of commercial ‘Market’ ideas. These fees ensure our Catchers are serious about their role as a Catcher in these market segments.
We also have our flat 5% fee on the sale of all Commercial Ideas and Tournaments (coming soon).

Q. How does the Leaderboard work?

The LeaderBoard displays the best ideas people (‘Ideators’) who have had their ideas caught and realised. Once an idea is realised, the Ideator gets a Goal Scored Trophy. The more trophies they get, the higher up the Leaderboard they are shown. We use a weighting algorithm to calculate the social, economic and environmental value of the ideas so that the best ideas are rewarded accordingly.

Q. How do Commercial Ideas work?

There are two types of Market ideas. Private and Open. We have a special article on our Ideas Market here which describe this in detail.

Q. Can I post anonymous ideas?

Yes, for both full Public Ideas and Ideas you kick off to any of your Teams. You won’t see an Edit link on any Ideas List or Detail page, as we hide it from you too! (It’s OK, you can still find them).

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