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Idea Types

Easily share your ideas to the right Teams via Idea Types


Keep these ones to yourself, or to players within certain teams. These are great for vetting ideas within a company or project.

Private Market

Similar to Open Market ideas, but these ideas are given the full business treatment by our Ideas Vetting Teams. We will personally approach the correct players in the appropriate market to get the maximum return for you. First you must get at least 3 kicks from trusted players within your Teams, and once accepted by us, we will then help you to realise your vision.

Open Market

The Open Market is where a limited number of potential Catchers within your idea category are exposed to your idea.
These ideas must first be Kicked by at least 3 players within your private Teams to ‘pre-vett’ the idea. They are then submitted to our Ideas Vetting Teams to approve onto the open market.


These ideas are visible by all players. You may have an idea which you don’t care about earning anything other than social fame for. However, you might just get lucky and a catcher may decide you deserve something much greater than a Goal Kicked Badge and pay you a donation.

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