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Help solve all sorts of problems, or launch your own Problems for others to solve for you. Global, Local, Corporate, Personal...anything.
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Help change your world one problem at a time

Problems are everywhere, both small and large scale. Every individual, social group or organisation deals with problems on a daily basis. 

Solving these problems presents its own problems, including managing the ideas.

At IdeasKicker, we have solved all the pain points with managing your problems and the best ideas to solve them.

Our unique ‘gamified’ app allows you to use the crowd to first vett your Problems, which prioritises them, then allows the crowd to submit ideas. This process allows your most problematic problems and the best ideas for them to ‘bubble to the surface’. 


For organisations, IdeasKicker allows you to;

  • Keep a master register of Problems across your organisation. This resource becomes rich over time enabling staff to mine it for solved problems and to revisit unsolved problems under new conditions over time.
  • Run ‘CEO Challenges’ to solve specific problems within time constraints.
  • Easily allow problem and idea submission from everyone including customers
  • Reward employees and customers for their ideas (plus for raising problems) with products, gift cards or frequent flier Points
  • Enterprise solutions are available, please see our upgrade levels here


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