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Create Trusted Teams

Captain your own teams or join popular teams across any category
Create your Teams

Using Teams allows you to create trusted private and public networks to CrowdVett your ideas and problems with.

Spend time with your networks online in a productive way.

Offer your ideas to help solve real problems. Plates of food and cat videos have had their day. It’s time to help solve the many problems our world faces.

Join public Teams

Search for teams across things you are into, such as brands you like. Help make the products and services in those teams better. Get rewarded directly from the companies behind the brands.

Infinite Private Teams

Tailor multiple private teams to your exact needs. Create teams which match your trust levels in real life. Share only your ideas with selected teams and easily see which ideas are your best.You are the Captain of each Private Team you create, having full control over who is in each team.


At Work

Create CEO challenges across your entire organisation. Integrate with internal systems to promote ideas and problem reporting every minute of the day. Easily reward employees for innovation.

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